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Västerås gamla ångkraftverk on Elmuseum (By John Eklund)

Ångkraftverkets vänner (Friends of the Steam Power Plant) (Peab's site for ”The Boiling Point” project)

Västerås ångkraftverk was in use between 1917 to 1982. In the first state it was not the huge building you see here, but through its life boilers were added and in the end becoming in this enormous and fascinating structure. So many pipes, so many wheels to turn, such intricate control systems! One is at awe that not only did it work, but worked well enough to support a large chunk of Sweden with power in its days.

In 1998 it was purchased by the construction company Peab who has plans to turn most of the building into a gigantic ”water fun park”. However, when writing this in late August 2006 the demolition of the interiors should already have begun. Peab is for reasons unknown hesitating, and what will become of the ol' plant seems not sure.

Thanks John Eklund for making these visits possible!

Photos are from 2006-2007.

Västerås ångkraftverk and me
Boiler 15 from below
Between boiler 13 and 14
Boiler 13
Mava, the water feeder
In the smith's shop
Gun platform
Top floor conference room
Control room for boiler 13 & 14
The turbine hall
Coal grinders
Pigeon like stopped in the midst of flight
That never got to try its wings
Welding wagon
Pigeon stool
Next stop Västerås ångkraftverk
Office room with 'blood'
Dining room
Punch clock by Ericsson
Work bench
Boiler 15 control room
Boiler 15

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