June 2000
So at last some bell rang somewhere. From the train I saw there was change and I went out there to see what was happening.
   All trees close to the entrances had been cut down and dumped in the open space between the gates. The covering mesh construction was dealt with in the same way. The outer doors were shut tight and there was a red and white striped plastic tape put up around it all. To my surprise the door in the southern air intake was still open. But since I was alone this time I did not feel like going in. Not very far at least.

All photos exept no 2 was shot with a digital camera.
The northern entrance  The northern entrance  The northern gate  The door by the northern gate  The northern gate  The northern gate from the side
The southern side door  Seen through the southern side door  The front  The entrance areas
The northern entrance  The outhouse  The southern entrance area
Inside the southern air intake  Looking down the shaft  The shaft