Abandoned & Industrial Photography

by Björn Sahlberg

Freshly Decayed

... and other upgrades



March 6, 2023


I often find it hard to immerse in photos online the way one can at a gallery or when enjoying a photo book. Too many distractions online, I suppose? As an attempt to mend this on ASKA I'm now adding enhanced versions of each album as they're updated. Full screen width, no captions, no borders. Just the photos, in full. (The link to Enhance under each album is hidden on smaller screens.)

Brandbilsgaraget Enhance

Château of Singers Enhance

Ångsågen Enhance

February 25, 2023

Ångsågen Revisited

Added photos from the ever alluring Ångsåg.

Hacking in progress

Winter 2023

Cold Days of Coding

Greasing up clunky markup, tuning photos and smoothing out styles. Eventually there might be new albums as well ...


September 17, 2022

The fisherman's hut

A visit to the last cabin on the left by the Karlit Board Factory.

Autumn 2022

Location, location, location ... and tags

Started adding tags and locations because fun and because wanting to create a non-linear way of exploring the site. And since I don't spend enough time cluttering code as it is ...

A Masters Thesis on the Karlholm Strand development

The author of a thesis on the development of Karlholm Strand used some of my photos (with permission) for skethes of the old board factory in a very creative way.




Kurhotel Rögener. Braunlage, Niedersachsen, Germany.

October 25, 2020

Kurhotel Rögener

A trip to the 70s at the heart of the Harz with “more fungi than people” even before it was struck by fire, water damaged and abandoned.

Braunlage, Niedersachsen, Germany.


Autumn 2020

Tunes & tweaks

As days get shorter screen time gets longer and the hacking faster (well ... ) which can only mean one thing – The Great Autumnal Code Cacophony has taken place. Read: reworked the index page, tweaked responsiveness and made the image subtitles visible without having to click on each image.

Lesjöfors Bruk. Värmland, Sweden.

July 29, 2020

Lesjöfors Bruk

The wire assembly, abandoned halls and sordid surroundings at the defunct metal works. Corrugated exteriors and spring flowers ahead!

Värmland, Sweden.

Datja at Soviet Military Base FZ Music barrack at Soviet Military Base FZ

An autumn walk among the barracks.

70s club at Soviet Military Base V Disco feeling!

A revisit to the ol' Soviet military base revealed a barrack filled with funky 70s club deco.

Karlit boiler house remains Karlit boiler house remains

A spring walk with comrade Pavel to see what was left of the last building standing (or leaning, rather) at the Karlit site.

ASKA.nu – The First Two Decades

Welcome to the virtual version of the ASKA.nu anniversary exhibition! And yes, there is a photo wall.

December 2019 – January 2020.
Galleri Mellanrum, Stockholm.


Smältverket Pumpen. Katrineholm, Sweden.

October 5, 2019

Smältverket Redux

Pumpen got a much needed overhaul on every level. As the buildings are virtually all gone I could also add to the background info.

Katrineholm, Sweden.

Soviet Military Base FZ. Former DDR, Germany.

September 21, 2019

Soviet Military Base FZ

An abandoned military compound with all the barren barracks, collapsed theatres, sombre sports halls and trippy wall art you could ever ask for.

Former DDR, Germany.

Nightlight at Soviet Military Base RH

September 7, 2019

New old Badlamps galore!

Last year was a good one in terms of derelict lights. A few from the archives thrown in as well.

Sulkyvägen hibernating

July 18, 2019

Sulkyvägen hibernating

A very wintery walk among the last remains of Sulkyvägen in northern Stockholm.

Sulkyvägen Badsofa

July 16, 2019

Sulkyvägen Badsofa

Snow resting properly.

Ångsågen meets ... Golden Tiger

A trade deal with multi-media artist Anna-Karin Svedjestrand unfolding.

Meopta Flexaret V

March 27, 2019

Meopta Flexaret V

“Lil (Squeaky) Crispy Hazy” fan page.

Arenastaden at the Fabege Stockholm office

March 2, 2019

Arenastaden at Fabege

As the friendly folks at Fabege lacked photos of the Arenastaden area before they became the new owners I was approached and a deal was made.

Karlit Board Factory. Karlholmsbruk, Uppland, Sweden.

February 17, 2019

Karlit Board Factory

The barren remains of what was once a huge fibre board factory. And yes, there is an Ikea connection. And yes, there was a Picasso.

Karlholmsbruk, Uppland, Sweden.